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National Theater Mannheim

New commission
Premier 21.06.23

What does it mean to be successful? Money, many friendships, many clicks on Instagram? And makes success happy? In contrast, how do you recognize a failure? How young people answer these and related questions for themselves should be the starting point of a new dance production by TanzLuzern. In order to ensure that the perspective of the target group is really at the center of the finished dance piece, an unusual path of piece development is taken during the creation: Even before the first step in the dance studio is taken, there is an exchange between the artistic team and a Lucerne school class during workshops, in which the topic is illuminated in a variety of ways. The results of this process flow into the choreography. The young people of the godfather class not only experience first-hand how a dance piece is created, but also get an impression of the everyday work of the dance company in their city.


Tanz Luzern


Premier 02.02.2023


Premier 16.12..2022

Salsa is a versatile and delicious concoction of fresh ingredients that comes together with a hint of spice. In this Salsa, the dancers fuse sensuality and organic physicality, quietly driven by an intensive and peppery frustration.



Workshops 2023
Week 1 - February
20.02. - 04.03
Week 2 April
03. - 07.
Week 3 July
10. - 14.


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