Italy – born in Cattolica on December 26th, 1982.


Born in Pesaro, Italy. He began his training in 2003 at the Hangart Dance School, Pesaro, before becoming a member of the Ballet Junior de Genève, Switzerland and moving on as a soloist with the Tanz Luzerner Theater, Switzerland from 2009-2014, before turning his focus full time to choreography.

Finalist of the 2013, ’27th International Choreographic Competition, Hannover, Germany.
Winner of the 2016 “Pretty Creatives” price for the North West Dance Project competition, Oregon, USA.
Awarded second place and the “Production Prize” at the 11th Copenhagen Choreographic Competition.
He was a semi finalist at the 2019 RIDCC Rotterdam International duets choreography competition, where his duet received recognition and was invited to perform at the 12th annual Copenhagen International Choreographic Competition, the 17th International Aids Gala in Regensburg, the International Contemporary Dance Festival of Mexico City, the FIDCDMX in 2019 and 2020.

His first short dance film was recently nominated for the 2020 Students Academy Awards, Hollywood, US.
As of June, 2020, Luca received his Masters in Choreography at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and has, for the past few years, been collaborating with the Dance Festival ‘Steps’, Switzerland, as an organiser and movement director for their advertising campaign and photo-shooting.
Luca is the Artistic Director of the new platform "Choreographers in Residency”, which premiered it ́s 2nd Edition in Zurich this year.

2019 tour

"Nice to meet you" performances:

Copehagen, CICC11th  ---> www.cph-icc.dk

Hidelberg ARTORT19 Festival ---> www.art-ort.net/ahablog/artort-019/

RIDCC --->  www.ridcc.com/

Incidanse Fribourg ---> incidanse.ch

"Before the last time" performances:

12th Gala CICC --> www.cph-icc.dk

17. Internationale AidsTanzGala  Theater Regensburg ---> www.theater-regensburg.de

Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de la Ciudad de México ---> https://www.facebook.com/FIDCDMX/


Luca regularly teaches improvisation classes at the :


Tanzwerk101,Zurich / Grundausbildung-Buehnentanz. -> http://www.tanzwerk101.ch/


Bachelor Contemporary Dance  ->  https://www.zhdk.ch/en/zurich-university-of-the-arts-1


Luca assisted original  work of Emanuel Gat  Darrel Toulon, Laura Kaehr.




Since 2012 he is the artistic assistant for the Interdans Festival in Belgium.

2017  Festival Dansez Maintenant au Chateu de Veretz . ---> https://www.festivaldansezmaintenant.com

          Tecnique coordination and photography


Since 2018 Luca works as a organiser and movement director for the photo-shooting Dance Festival Steps, Switzerland.

2020 Artistic Director and creator " Choreographers in Residence "